At The Cloisters, we take pride in providing safe, effective treatment in a friendly, caring environment.


Our team of Physiotherapists all have a minimum of five years’ experience since they graduated and many have considerably more. All have gone on to develop specialised skills covering a wide range of conditions – when you make an appointment, we will take great care to ensure that you are matched with the most appropriate team member.


At your first appointment your physiotherapist will examine you carefully to establish what the problem is and the best way of dealing with it.

Depending on the nature of the problem your physiotherapist may then ask you to go through a variety of movements, they may perform some specific tests and finally feel the problem area.

At the end of the examination, your physiotherapist will be able to discuss your problem with you and commence treatment.

Physiotherapist looking at a spine with a patient


At the Cloisters we have a wide range of treatments available to us. Our treatment approach is one of individual and personalised treatment.

What we treat

Although a lot of people are aware that physiotherapists can treat muscle, joint and ligament type problems there are many other conditions we can help, including: