Pilates allows you to progress at your own pace, offering a gentle workout for those who prefer to keep at a steady level but also offering higher levels for those who want to progress and build up their fitness further.


Pilates is a postural form of exercise that works on strengthening and stretching the body. The aim is to perform exercises with good postural alignment using the core muscles to stabilise the spine, combined with breathing control to help reduce tension.


The Benefits

Pilates matwork
Photo by Nature Zen on Unsplash

Classes at The Cloisters follow Modified Pilates techniques which allow the rehabilitation of people with injuries, joint problems or pain.

Whilst Traditional Pilates focuses on the external power muscles, Modified Pilates concentrates initially on the deeper stabilising muscles with the aim of establishing good core stability before the external muscles are brought in and challenged.

Our pilates classes

Mixed level and Beginners courses are held on a Monday evening during termtime. Some places are available in both classes, please notify us of your interest in joining one of them.

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