Golf Screening

The Cloisters offers a golf screening service to players of all ages. The aim of the service is to identify any areas of weakness the player may have that could affect their golf swing, create inconsistencies or lead to injury.

60% of amateur players will experience pain or injury over a two year period. Most of these injuries are overuse/repetitive type injuries. They are often caused by the body’s inability to move fully into the postures required for an effective golf swing. This is not just about flexibility, but also about strength, stability, balance and co-ordination.

If there is a breakdown in one of these components there is the potential for injury.

The screening takes approx. 45 minutes and will include assessment of the following:

Following the assessment, results will be discussed and an appropriate exercise programme demonstrated.

Golf Screening at The Cloisters is carried out by Su Barry. Su has a great deal of golf related experience, including six years working for the English Women’s Golf Association looking at performance enhancement, injury prevention and sports screening.